Small steps towards Equality

Cody Daigle reported in blog, The Times of Acadiana that a local newspaper for New Iberia, Louisiana, ran the same-sex wedding announcement of Andre Castaing and Dr. Michael Magursky.

The couple will wed in Boston on Friday, and the couple lives in Atlanta. The announcement is one thing. But the lack of any sort of raised ire about it in the community is quite another.

New Iberia is a small city, predominantly conservative, and it’s never been known for an exuberant acceptance of … gay folks. So, a wedding announcement (which ran right above the birth announcements and to the left of a 50th wedding anniversary announcement) is a signal that even here, in the inhospitable south, things can change.

We at Atticus Circle believe that when more allies support equality for their same-sex friends, family members, and neighbors change can happen. As we have learned over the course of America’s history, change happens in small ways and then over time become U.S. law.

What can you do to make a small step towards Equality today?


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