72 Hours Away from Our Meeting With Rev. Hagee

As we write this, we’re a mere 72 hours away from a day meeting Rev. John Hagee and the Cornerstone Church congregation. As you likely know by now, it’s our launch event for our Sundays of Solidarity project – launching, appropriately enough, on the 40th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.

We’re asking our friends in Atticus Circle and Soulforce to visit faith communities around the nation. The program encourages groups of LGBT people and their allies to train in nonviolent direct action and communication with members of religious congregations who do not yet welcome LGBT worshipers.

When we let Rev. Hagee know we would be visiting his congregation several weeks ago, we made a request to meet with him personally to find what common ground we shared, as well as to talk about our concerns.

His agreeing to meet with us is an encouraging first step in engaging with one of Texas’s single-largest faith communities. We are hopeful that we will have open, productive conversations with congregation members about the importance of LGBT equality. Those of us wearing “Gay? Fine By Me” buttons will peaceably elaborate on the significance of those words – that we are inclusive rather than exclusive, that we support equal rights for everyone, that we refuse to stand silently in a society that doesn’t allow all couples to marry, and then awards a separate set of rights to married couples and their children.

Those of us wanting to join us, it’s not too late! We ask you visit the SOS site, register, and meet us for the mandatory nonviolence training at 9 a.m. Sunday.

If you’re looking to do a Sundays of Solidarity action in your community, you may want to start with the Fine by Me SOS page, which has everything necessary to identify yourself as LGBT equality supporters.

And, of course, watch this space for updates on what happens this Sunday.


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