Gay Marriage On Hold in New Hampshire

The latest news on same-sex marriage legalization in New Hampshire is disheartening — but as one supporter put it, merely a push of the pause button rather than the rewind button. As this news account details, a new version of the same-sex marriage bill — forwarded to satisfy concerns from Gov. John Lynch over protection for churches — failed by the slimmest of margins, 188-186. So while there’s hope that the House will reconvene on the issue and eventually deliver a bill that Lynch will sign into law, the issue is on hold for now.

Here, once again, is information on how to reach Gov. Lynch, to remind him of how many of us are invested in New Hampshire doing the right thing. And, since the decision is largely in the hands of the House, here’s how to reach out to Rep. Terie Norelli, the current New Hampshire Speaker of the House.

Let’s show them how many straight and LGBT alike want equality for all!


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