Gay Marriage: Progress In New York; New Setbacks In Maine

In case you missed it Tuesday night , the New York Assembly voted to approve same-sex marriage. Governor David Paterson has already endorsed the idea — the one stumbling block may be in the New York Senate, where Democrats hold a slight majority. In the meantime, this Newsday story describes a split in opinion on gay marriage, but the article also notes a swing toward same-sex marriage rights compared to last year, as well as a majority who favor civil unions.

Maine’s governor signed a bill on May 6 legalizing same-sex marriage,
but the law could be delayed or even voided by a possible statewide referendum if opponents to the bill gather enough support in coming weeks.

As more and more states approve gay marriage, we’re seeing a refreshing continuation in this year’s trend. We hope that this should embolden calls for similar measures across the nation. However, we must still be aware of the hurdles still existing on the path towards marriage equality. We must continue to show our support and work towards same-sex marriage!


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