And Now, We Have Five

A special shout out to Maine’s elected officials for recognizing marriage equality!

Maine now joins Iowa, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Our favorite quote, thus far, is from Evan Wolfson, “Couples that have made a personal commitment in life deserve an equal commitment under the law—and in Maine, that’s called marriage.”
We do have to stay alert and keep our friends in Maine educated and mobilized. A November ballot, similar to that of Prop 8 (CA), will attempt to over turn today’s victory.

Next victory . . .New Hampshire!


One Response to And Now, We Have Five

  1. drmyers says:

    Hey there
    Enjoyed you blog, and I have read a few of the other ones as well. Take a look at my blog:; dealing with The Current Gay marriage (
    I’d love to dialog with you about perhaps placing a link there so my readers could take a look at what you’re doing.
    Again, keep up the suburb work!
    Aaron Myers

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