Are We In the Midst of a Marriage Rights Pendulum Swing?

After the last few years of ballot measures in which marriage was declared the sole domain of heterosexuals by a number of states around the nation, it looks as if more states are looking to follow the recent lead of Iowa and Vermont to allow LGBT individuals to enter into legal same-sex marriages.

In New York, Gov. David Paterson has announced that he’s seeking to introduce a gay marriage bill in the state House today. It is the same bill that was voted down in 2007, but the change in composition to the New York Senate — where Democrats now hold a 32-30 majority — may help it.

Next week, Maine begins to look at its own gay marriage bill with a public hearing that has gained so much attention that it’s being moved to the Augusta Civic Center in order to handle the expected crowds weighing in on the issue.

The Obama Administration continues to work to invite LGBT leaders and include these leaders in decision making roles.  Read Deb Price’s article in the Detroit News.

Stay tuned! More change is possible.  It is time.


One Response to Are We In the Midst of a Marriage Rights Pendulum Swing?

  1. Thank you for bringing Deb Price’s article to our attention. Well worth the read.

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