Update on Gay Marriage in Vermont (and now New Hampshire)

The legislative action around gay marriage in Vermont — and now in New Hampshire — is getting more and more interesting by the day.

In Vermont, it looks as if both the state’s House and Senate will pass a bill affording LGBT individuals the right to marry, but Gov. Jim Douglas has said he may veto the bill if it crosses his desk without the 2/3 majority necessary to override a veto. As a result, he’s been getting a lot of letters and e-mails in the last few days expressing concern over the possible veto, here’s how to add your voice to the growing chorus.

In New Hampshire, the State House narrowly passed a similar bill several days ago, and the Senate will now take up the bill. As in Vermont, there’s concern among LGBT equality supporters that the state’s governor will veto the bill should it pass. Here’s how to contact him in case you want to let him know about your support for gay marriage rights.

Despite the encouraging developments in New England, there’s still a lot of work to be done in many different parts of the country to forward LGBT rights — especially where churches and faith communities are concerned. If you haven’t yet visited the new Sundays of Solidarity website, please take a moment to do so. This is an exciting new project we’re doing in conjunction with our friends at Soulforce, and it’s a chance to make a difference on a community level by engage non-affirming faith communities in honest and open discussions. While not every state is on the cusp of adopting momentum-changing legislation, conversations like the one we’re asking you to have are what will help bring every state to more reasonable positions on LGBT issues. Please help us spread the word, and please join us for our initial training session on Sunday, April 19 as we prepare to engage in these necessary conversations.


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