Let’s Start Talking: A New Initiative, Sundays of Solidarity, to Start May 17

Hi, friends!

We have an important announcement to make. Atticus Circle, along with our friends at Soulforce, have launched a new seven-week initiative starting May 17 called Sundays of Solidarity. The press release we just sent out details the project, but in short, we’re inviting members of both organizations and other supporters of LGBT rights to engage in dialogue about gay rights with faith communities across the United States.

Because countless churches across the country have publicly stated that “homosexuality is an abomination,” we have determined that it’s necessary to engage with those communities of faith directly, and start meaningful conversations about the importance of LGBT rights.

We’ll start actions on Sunday, May 17, and carry momentum for seven straight Sundays, all the way to June 28 — the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall riots.

If you’re interested in participating — especially if you have a non-affirming church in your area in mind — please register online, and make plans to join us for three short Sunday afternoon sessions starting April 19.  During these trainings, we’ll cover the basics of nonviolence, communications with the media, and what the Bible and science really say about homosexuality. The online registration not only allows you to participate; it gives you access to an online training site you can access 24/7.

We hope you’ll join us for this important work.  If we can make one member of a congregation feel safe or change the heart of a member by realizing how much their words of hate hurt, we will consider this SOS Action a sucess.  Help us spread the word and start conversations across the country between May 17 and June 28.


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