New Definition of Marriage … in Webster’s!

In case you didn’t catch this last week, even Webster’s is aware of the change afoot in how society is viewing marriage.

The latest dictionary definition from Webster’s includes same-sex marriage and gay marriage in the overall definition. Pam’s House Blend, one of our favorite blogs, notes that the definition isn’t sitting well with gay marriage opponents.

It’s certainly an interesting indicator of where society’s moving. While California’s taken the spotlight in the last few months with Proposition 8 and its curtailing of gay marriage rights, Vermont is quietly but quickly moving forward to become the third state in the Union to legalize gay marriage. Certainly, gay marriage has earned its way into the dictionary — it’s real, it’s legitimate, and despite the state-by-state debate currently taking place, it’s legally recognized, affording LGBT couples the rights they should have by pledging their lives to one another.


One Response to New Definition of Marriage … in Webster’s!

  1. peter says:

    It’s wonderful! Piece by Piece we will overcome the grip of religion and non-thinking people to get equal rights!

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