Report from Creating Change Conference in Denver: Domestic Partners Need COBRA Too

Greetings from Denver! We’re here at the Creating Change Conference, hosted by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. There’s a lot of excitement among the attendees as to what we can do in this new climate of change, but there are also some very real challenges for LGBT couples in this economic climate. One of these, brought to our attention by Nicky Grist of the Alternatives to Marriage Project, is the need for COBRA benefits for domestic partners. This online letter-writing campaign details what’s at stake. Basically, even if an employer offers domestic partner benefits to an employee, the employer doesn’t legally have to extend continuation coverage to the domestic partner if the employee is laid off. That obviously has dire implications for couples and their families dealing with medical issues and financial hardship. If you have time this week, please write a letter addressing this important issue … and stay tuned to this blog next week for a report from the conference.


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